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Presence on the web
If you are looking to create a presence for your business on the web, you will need to evolve a strategy both in the short term and for the long term.
We have been in the business of web for half a decade and have acquired this skill by interacting with business houses operating in varied verticals and by fulfilling their needs. The strategy is simple but effective and is built on the successes of our clients, some of whom continue to get the benefits even today.

Brand Identity
The process of ideation will require at times creation of a brand identity or a logo, if you do not have one, we can do this for you from the ground up, like some of the ones that we did here.

The complex markets that we live in require that we communicate our message to users in a clear and crisp manner. Good design is one of the key elements in this strategy that we need to start early on, in order to meet our business goals.
The tenets of good web-design include not only visually pleasing looks but also easy to use interfaces that can make the site engaging for users.
The web today is an even field. One pointer to this is the different browsers including popular ones like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari that have fan communities on their own.. Google’s Chrome is the latest to hit the market. Though this is a welcome scenario it does raise challenges as standards that have been defined by the World Wide Consortium for the web are still not being strictly adhered to.
If you are a business house that is looking to have a site or a portal then it is very important that the sites are not just built to standards but also support the different browsers in order to serve the various types of users.
At Sysmix, we don’t just build sites that are catchy and based on industry best practices; we make them easy to use and widely acceptable giving you, our customer, ‘the distinct advantage’.

To help sustain your presence on the web, one of the strategies that we chalk out early on during the design and development phase is making the site search-engine friendly for the various spiders and bots that roam the web.
Search engine optimization is a task that is undertaken at times early on and some times in phases depending on needs, our team can help you derive optimum mileage of this feature to enhance your presence on the web.

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