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  On-demand or On-Premise, across locations, projects, processes, asset lifecycles and organizational boundaries, Sysmix guarantees to deliver results. Sysmix uses rich media techniques (AJAX, Flash and Java Script) to balance aesthetics and functionality with load times, usability and technical capacities delivering exceptional user experience.

e commerce
Streamlining inventory to cutting costs and improving communications within your organization to increase productivity - e commerce has an answer for everything.
Sysmix offers a plethora of e commerce services that include online shopping systems,revenue processing facilities and support services for businesses across industries.

Retail Survey Solutions
A vital Business Intelligence Tool for Planners.
To succeed in today’s multiple brand markets with unrelenting competition and unforgiving customers, retailers are realizing the importance of quality distribution and their optimization at store levels to achieve and exceed sales goals.
The Retail Survey Solution from Sysmix works towards giving a bird’s eye view of how your products are performing at the point of sale from an independent perspective.
This information along with shelf positioning provides fast-turnaround marketplace intelligence that allows for a better understanding of sales variations across retailers even as it explains the causes of sales fluctuations vis a vis competition and corrective actions that may be necessary.

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