Join hundreds of customers across India using our proven inventory management platform to make your inventory leaner and improve cash flow.

15 years of market presence, 11 years of stint in crafting ecommerce solutions and 4 years in nurturing products / solutions for Specialised Food Processing & Retail vertical

Store POS

Customers ranging from small outlets to Retail Chains with Distribution Warehouses have found Store POS to be quite helpful in adjusting their inventory to the supply demand


Process driven industries like sea food have used our inventory frameworks to tune their purchases, meet export quality / certification demands and mitigate rejection risks

On Premise / Cloud Analytics

Choose from a variety of delivery platforms to suit your need. Get practical insights into your business activities from even remote locations, on your handheld.

Our clients are diverse. They share however the passion for maintaining the right kind of inventory to increase their market presence

Manage your cash flow effectively by tracking inventory and receivables, in a practical manner

A billing and inventory management software that caters to the modern retail business need of managing inventory and running business profitably.
Store POS for Retail & Distribution

General Features and Benefits

Quick Bill

Reduce wait times at counter by billing even non-barcoded goods, with the aid of search shortcuts

Generate Barcodes

Cut down on shrinkages and make markdowns more effective by generating barcodes uniquely

Stock Replenishment

Retain customers by setting reorder limits and alerts for fast moving goods and difficult to procure items.

Dead Stock Alerts

Optimize stock levels, increase sales by marking down unsold inventory with the aid of ‘deadstock’ alerts.

Product Movement Matrix

Increase sales by maintaining more SKUs with product movement analytics that help identify slow moving goods and calibrating their purchases

Multi Store / Warehouse / HQ

With electronic GRNs & Cloud based integration, managing multiple outlets has never been this easy

Multiple Invoice Templates

Pick from any of the default invoice templates. Customize the templates for different types of sales

Multi level Pricing

Maintain different price levels for channel sales and import templates for purchases from vendors

Til Management

Cash receipts and payouts with a cash closure facility that leaves an audit trail.

Role based Security

Varying levels of access control for users based on roles and responsibilities

Multi Node / Multi User

Select a plan and connect up as many terminals as required in a single outlet

Track Warranty

Generate serial numbers for consumables and track their warranty for better after sales service

Batch Control & Expiry

Record perishable items as batches with expiry dates and replace them in a ‘single click’

Receivables & Payables

Collect receivables on time with a better credit management system. Manage payables with a cash & cheque reconciliation system

Cloud based Analytics

‘Be in touch’ with Analytics, on the move, even on handhelds

Repack Items

Establish your brand identity by generating barcode labels that stick out. Increase margins by unitizing purchases made in bulk

GST Reports

GST reports that can be exported and verified before upload to portal, helping a retail or a distribution business meet its statutory norms

Store POS HQ for Retail Chains
Built with a view to help Retailers manage their order and procurement pipelines, the HQ version of Store POS effectively ensures that all your purchases are synchronized with demand routines from various outlets or customers.

Essential Features & Benefits

Residual Inventory

Manage residual inventory with actionable insights

Transfer Note

Electronic transfers for warehouse transfers helping reduce redundant data entry at outlet level.

Warehouse Operations

Setup warehouses and manage bin locations with ease. Move goods & pick items with a single click. Built in audit checks, help effectively curb inventory shrinkage.


Tune procurement and sales order management using industry best practices and tailoring it to your needs with a cleverly crafted workflow feature

Store POS, a point of sale and inventory management solution, has been growing steadily since day one and today has a strong base in the Indian market.
Since Store POS has been designed, implemented and supported by Sysmix, the team is accountable for your investment, requirements, service and support every step of the way.
Overview :
Seafood exported to the external world requires that the processing be handled the right way to meet various norms of export countries. Before, during and after processing of seafood, random samples are taken and tested for microbial, anti-biotic and other parameters to check if they meet expected criteria in general, of the client and the export country in specific. As processed seafood has a long shelf life, it becomes important that this data is available with the product during its shelf life and is traceable.
Built specifically for seafood processing units, StacK|NITrace WMS helps ship products processed, on a 'first in' 'first out' basis(FIFO), according to ageing. This addresses also one of the most sought needs of a processing unit, that of keeping its inventory ‘young'.

General Features and Benefits

General Features

‘Intelli select’- Unique ‘Combination data selection tool’ for admin to prevent mistakes at user’s end while keying in data.

Single click Inline editing of master data

Audit trail for transactions

Multi User with graded access based on roles assigned

Raw Materials & Consumables

Receive & Grade raw material details

Contract rates / Purchase Orders for Consumables

Receive / Issue additional materials such as consumables / packing material

Masters for Suppliers, Items, Logistics

Reports- In stock register, Item register, Stock Summary , Goods Receipt Note Register (Wide search criteria)


Record results of Tests carried out on Raw Materials & Finished Goods

Auto setup of samples for test report purposes.

Quality Analysis , combine multiple lots to ascertain export feasibility

Maintain traceability across lots / batches / codes

Production (PRE, POST, Re - PROCESS)

Record production details such as lot no, batch no., yield, labour & affix production codes

Record process unload details with finished goods & auto assign GRN no

Reprocessing of finished goods / open stock

Yield Analysis, Daybook Production

Finished goods

Receive goods marked for storage post process, assign slot details if stocked in warehouse

Generation of export docs / invoices with minimal inputs

Record dispatch request for reprocess and for export / local sales to buyers

Reports- In stock register, Item register, Stock Summary , Goods Receipt Note register (Wide search criteria)

Storage-SINGLE WAREHOUSE (Base) / MULTI (Optional)

Viewable and editable stacking area with weight / location logic

Unique warehouse modeling tool with visual layouts

Multi views of warehouse, graphical / spreadsheet grid views

All Storage areas have advanced filters for drill downs and report / print generation mechanisms per process


Raw Material Purchase Ledger

Reconcile vendor payments based on Grade Yield

Payment Management & Reconciliation for consumables

Order Management

Proforma Invoices

Order Status Management

Sales History / Receivables

Export Documentation

Packing List from delivery notes

Proforma invoice

Commercial invoice

Get the Catch to Finish Advantage
Stack|N|Trace is a powerful business-specific ERP Tool that accommodates the unique needs of the seafood processing industry. An easy-to-use, highly secure solution with multiple feature modules designed on the basis of customer feedback and industry standards it helps you maximize margins, lower operating costs and work smarter for better ROI.

Ever since its inception in 2003, Sysmix has helped several hundred customers consistently solve business challenges. The solutions developed by Sysmix have gone beyond adapting to customer’s needs by unlocking hidden information in the form of actionable insights.

Mission critical inventory applications tend to be usually complicated, Sysmix has broken down this complexity by providing solutions with an obsessive focus on ease of use.

The market share for our products have been growing steadily since the last four years. Proven, professional and practiced, customers across verticals- Single Retail Point to Multi-Location Businesses are discovering the superior features, stability and pricing of STORE POS and benefiting from our solutions.

As a retail product, STORE POS has grown as a successful product not from advertising but through word of mouth from our clients. Call us on +91-4321 99 66 or email us on We will be happy to tell you how our POS can make an impactful change to your business and make retail easier.

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